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Satcom Direct Supports Atlantic Crossing of the D-Day Squadron

The D-Day Squadron has almost completed the first step of its mission—to bring WW2 C-47 and DC-3 aircraft across the North Atlantic to participate in commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy. And this successful crossing would not be possible without the support of partners like Satcom Direct.

Satcom Direct provided the Squadron with 15 satellite phones, complete with airtime, pilot “Go” bags and accessories to assist in making position updates with Air Traffic Control as the aircraft made the historic crossing.

“Other than a few diversions and delays due to weather, this crossing went smoothly and Satcom Direct was a big part of that,” explained Moreno Aguiari, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the D-Day Squadron. “The challenges are very unique when flying in harsh, northern climates at a low altitude in 75-year-old aircraft. And Satcom Direct’s support makes a tough job that much easier.”

“We cannot express how inspiring it is to be part of this effort,” stated David Greenhill, CEO of COMSAT, Satcom Direct’s military and government division. “We support aviation in all parts of the globe, and to participate in paying tribute to the Greatest Generation in this way is definitely unique. We hope that this effort ensures that their sacrifice will not be forgotten.”

The aircraft are flying the original "Blue Spruce" route, with stops to refuel in Goose Bay Airport (CYYR) in Newfoundland, Canada, Narsarsuaq Airport (BGBW) in southern Greenland, Reykjavik Airport (BIRK) in Iceland and refueling a final time at Prestwick Airport (EPIK) on the Western coast of Scotland. Many aircraft have already completed the route with a few more still undertaking the journey.

The Squadron will ultimately arrive at Duxford Airfield (EGSU) north of London, to join with its European counterparts, Daks over Normandy, participating in multiple events on June 2nd-5th, 2019. The combined fleet of historic aircraft will then cross the English Channel on June 5th, fly over Normandy, France, and participate in multiple events at Caen-Carpiquet Airport from June 5th-9th, 2019.

Follow the latest news and events now that history is being made and the D-Day Squadron has landed “across the pond!”

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