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Education and Outreach (E&O)

 Young Historians Program (YHP)

About Vintage Aviation News

Vintage Aviation News is a company founded by a group of passionate aviation enthusiasts who love the history and technology Aviation and Flying Museums preserve for the public. It is our intention to play a role in safeguarding the heritage of these beautiful machines by providing increased awareness and education through the use of internet-based digital media.

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The Young Historians Program (YHP)

Purpose: Engage young professionals with the D-Day Squadron’s education and outreach programming in support of documenting veteran stories for global features and publishing, sharing the service and sacrifices of our Greatest Generation.

With a focus on documenting the untold stories of combat war veterans from across many conflicts in our world history, keeping these stories alive is a direct focus of both the D-Day Squadron and Vintage Aviation News (VAN). More recently, the squadron’s Young Historians Program (YHP) has grown to more than a dozen members throughout the US and Europe. Not all are aviation or warbird enthusiasts, yet all are passionate about our Greatest Generation, our many veterans who served and sacrificed.

“I am very excited to partner with the D-Day Squadron and DC-3 Society to provide a platform for young authors to write about history and aviation,” expressed Moreno Aguiari, director of marketing and business development for VAN “It is important for us to play a role in safeguarding the heritage of the women, men, and the machines that fought for our freedoms.

Since launching to Normandy in May 2019 for the 75th anniversary of D-day, Moreno and his publication has remained a loyal participant to the D-Day Squadron. Helping as a collaborative platform for sharing the hard work of the young historians brings two organizations closer in educating young people the work of veterans yesterday, for today.

“The goal of the Young Historians Program is educating today’s youth on the historical legacy of World War II,” shared Michael Naya, Jr., founder. “This is done through surviving aircraft from that era, honoring our veterans and educational outreach programs. The Young Historians Program has developed into a small yet growing community of young historians, future educators, aircrews, and those from a wide variety of backgrounds who want to ensure the Greatest Generation and their achievements are not forgotten. By forming this program, we are ensuring that these stories will live on for decades to come.” 

By providing increased awareness and education using digital platforms, Vintage Aviation News's goal is to reach younger generations and build a talented pool of well-informed social media influencers to boost the popularity and knowledge of aviation history. 

The D-Day Squadron expects to grow the young historian base associated with the organization. With this strong collaboration, both organizations aim to bring more youth to events, flyover missions, commemorations, and airshows. Attendance at these related events allows for young members to have greater access to veterans, veteran aircraft and even participate as crew across our DC-3 operations.

The launch of this unique experience comes with the YHP’s own insignia designed to represent their growing programming. Created by affiliate partner, Django Studios, the new logo will be used across all work produced by these young writers, historians, enthusiasts.

Mission: To serve the Greatest Generation through meaningful outreach programs that inspire youth and adults about our WWII history, and those who served.


Exclusive interview with Lt. Col. David Hamilton, (USAF Ret.)

YHP lead, Kevin Carter, had the distinct opportunity to facilitate an exclusive interview with Lt. Col. David Hamilton, (USAF Ret.), last living C-47 Pathfinder Pilot from the D-Day invasion, on Friday, July 28 during EAA AirVenture. The D-Day Squadron and Commemorative Air Force hosted Dave for a two-day appearance at the show, also celebrating his 101st birthday.

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Meet the Young Historians Team

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