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C-47 Airplane

A Vision For Future Flight With the DC-3 Society

Affiliate Benefits

Our Members & Audience

A global footprint of DC-3 owners/operators, pilots, mechanics, enthusiasts, historians, students and media.

Social Media Presence: 50,000 and growing

Monthly Impressions / Engagemetns: Avg 60,000 across all platforms

Major Group Milestones 

• Daks over Duxford, Imperial War Museum- Duxford, England
• Featured display at the Shuttleworth Collection, Bedfordshire, England
• United States Army Garrison Wiesbaden, Berlin Airlift Airshow, Wiesbaden, Germany
• Bundeswehr Luftwaffe, Berlin Airlift 70th Anniversary commemorations, various locations throughout Germany
• June 6th American Cemetery Flyover for U.S. & French Premieres, USAF-Europe, US Coast Guard, Patrouille de France
• 2020 & 2021 Salute to America, U.S. Department of Interior/National Parks Service, Washington D.C.
• Various Comm
emorative Flyovers, United States ongoing

We Hope You Join Us


A mutually beneficial partnership maximizing value to every class of membership while broadly promoting affiliate products and services.


Social Media Presence to more than 50,000 fans and followers, with a platform that sees a 60k monthly average in impressions/engagements

Table promotions during our large shows, such as SNF, OSH

Logo on website

Newsletter highlights and promotion

Highlights during our webinar series

Promotion with our youth outreach and educational events

In-person promotion at DC-3 specific member events, formation, and training clinics

Goals for 2023 and Beyond

Planned Program Growth

Grow from a diverse and geographically dispersed core group into a worldwide society for history, education, and display of the multifaceted and legendary DC-3 type aircraft with
dynamic online and in-person events.


Outreach goal of ongoing educational collaboration with the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and the National WWII Museum attracting and train the next generation of
aviation professionals with quality STEM outreach.


Enhance the continued airworthiness of the DC-3 type with cooperative parts and insurance sourcing, pilot and mechanic training, and trend analysis, promoting safety and the conservation of existing aircraft.

Advance our robust ‘Young Historians’ program of the D-Day Squadron to attract more young researchers focused on documenting, interviewing, and writing about veterans of war.

Provide grants and scholarships to promote “at-risk” youth
involvement in aviation maintenance and flying.

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