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D-Day Squadron Attending Shuttleworth’s D-Day Weekend 2024


PRESS RELEASE from Vintage Aviation News

Over the bank holiday weekend of May 25-26, 2024, Shuttleworth will be playing host to the world-renowned D-Day Squadron, who will be starting their European tour in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of Operation Overlord – more commonly referred to as ‘D-Day’. Their mission, in collaboration with the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), has D-Day Squadron participating aircraft from across Europe and the USA arriving on the Saturday, and departing on the Sunday. Several C-47s and DC-3s will assemble at Old Warden Aerodrome for the first event of their 2024 Legacy Tour.

Once the D-Day Squadron aircrews make their crossing over the Atlantic reaching the U.K. they’ll head direct to the historic North Weald airfield in Essex, details can be found HERE.

The impressive sight of three D-Day-marked C-47s in formation, comprising the Commemorative Air Force’s That’s All Brother, Placid Lassie of the Tunison Foundation, and Airborne – Rendezvous with Destiny bringing up the rear.

Shuttleworth’s D-Day Weekend will encompass a full two days of entertainment and activities relating to the significance of the D-Day Landings, as well as the influential role the C-47 played in military service and the DC-3’s role as a civilian aircraft.

The D-Day Squadron, a division of the Tunison Foundation, is a non-profit charitable organization. In 2019, the organization led a fleet of historic American aircraft across the Atlantic to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Following on from successful events such as this, the program has since evolved to further promote the C-47 and DC-3 variants, as well as helping to keep them flying for future generations. Their mission is “to organize the interest of DC-3 operators, enthusiasts, and crew while maintaining airworthiness and displays for future generations to represent everything the DC-3 has accomplished in war and peace.”

The weekend is designed to bring history to life for all generations, with a vintage fly-in, military vehicles, period reenactors, and live 1940s music. Shuttleworth’s open airfield experience grants public access to the D-Day Squadron fleet, as well as the chance to meet the crews involved on both days.

Saturday: 09:00 – Gates open 20:00 – Gates closed

Sunday: 09:00 – Gates open 17:00 – Gates closed

Pricing: Adult £20.00 per day – Members – £18.00 per day Kids – Free

For more information, visit

The Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth Remembrance Trust

The Shuttleworth Trust was set up to honor the life and legacy of Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth, a keen aviator, racing driver, and horse racer, who was tragically killed in 1940 during a night training exercise for the RAF. His mother, Dorothy, set up the Trust to commemorate Richard’s passion for all things mechanical, and today has developed into a fully equipped network of educational resources to keep history alive for the young generation, teaching them best practices in engineering, agriculture, horticulture, and zoology.

The Shuttleworth Trust connects people and skills, and the air show season is designed to celebrate the unique expertise of maintaining and operating Richard’s collection of aircraft and vehicles. Staff and volunteers use skills that have been passed in an unbroken tradition from pioneers of their field to keep these skills alive for many years to come.

The D-Day Squadron lineup during the 2019 event at IWM Duxford

To stay up to date and support the D-Day Squadron, visit

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