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Meet Rod Moyer, DC-3 Society Aircraft Operator Member

Our January aircraft operator member spotlight is Rod Moyer, pilot for Miss Virginia C-47 and DC-3 Society Aircraft Operator Member

My relationship with DC3’s goes back to the late 1990’s when K&K Aircraft (now Dynamic Aviation) used them as mosquito and gypsy moth sprayers. I was fortunate enough to catch the tail end of that era before the company transitioned to a fleet of King Air’s, selling all but one DC-3. Following this, I spent eight years operating a turbine DC-3 for a relief organization throughout east and central Africa. By the time I returned to Dynamic Aviation, the remaining DC-3 (christened Miss Virginia) had been refurbished and was being used to showcase the aircraft type, and the era it represents, at venues throughout the US. Looking back at this relationship, I owe much to the airplane. It has been instrumental in teaching a mindset and joy of flying that has permeated all other areas of my career. This aircraft, along with the men who used it to mentor and shepherd my growth, have taught the value and satisfaction of hard work, the importance of professional airmanship, and flight discipline. Additionally, it has opened doors to relationships with other people that I would not have known otherwise, and to which I will be forever grateful.

Rod Moyer, pilot for Miss Virginia C-47

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