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Special Year-End Letter from Eric Zipkin, Mission Chief Pilot and Director of Operations

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

2024 Legacy Tour Announced: D-Day Squadron’s Plan to ‘Report for Duty’

Special Year-End Letter from Eric Zipkin, Mission Chief Pilot and Director of Operations


Greetings DC-3 Society members,

As I write to you, my hope is you are preparing for the holiday season and all that it offers you, your family, and your community. I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for continuing your membership, helping us improve and grow the society, and supporting the work we do in delivering commemorations for our Greatest Generation while also celebrating an iconic aircraft that’s meant so much to many of us passionate volunteers. Over the last few months, we announced our return to Europe in 2024, grew our DC-3 Society to more global members, added more affiliate partners, and sent you news of our campaign for extensive preparations in 2024. As a majority volunteer organization, our passion drives this growth. Our patriotism carries our mission. Our outreach is fueled by sharing the rich history of our nation and the untold stories of our veterans. Our Young Historians Program, a special feature involved in the 2024 Legacy Tour, exemplifies these virtues. UK-based pilot and young historian of the D-Day Squadron, Henry Simpson, says it best:

"Being the European lead for the Young Historians Program has allowed me to connect enthusiastic young people with veterans and organizations seeking to preserve and commemorate the history of the second world war and beyond. Living in the UK means that I am fortunate to be able to fly over the same fields as the Greatest Generation did 80 years ago. From the air the sprawling network of 1940's airbases remains apparent! On a personal level, my grandmother used to tell me her memories of the war, including the arrival of American service personnel in 1942, while my great grandfather landed on Gold Beach in 1944.

The legacy of the conflict is still all around us and richly woven into not just our landscape and communities but our shared values of freedom and liberty. In today’s world, it has never been more important to connect with people about our shared history of sacrifice. There is no better way of doing that than for the D-Day Squadron to return to Europe bringing the thunder of the arsenal of democracy back into these skies.”

It's amazing to think that 18 months from now, we will assemble in the Northeastern United States for the oceanic crossing once again and ‘Report for Duty.’ The 2024 Legacy Tour will bring together a salute to the Greatest Generation, honoring their legacy through highlighted events, commemorations, and flying missions from North America to Europe. Among the planned commemorations are DDay80 and Berlin75. The North American contingent will again

use the original Blue Spruce Route, crossing the Northern Atlantic, and arriving at key refueling locations where locals can view the iconic, historic, and legendary DC-3, and meet the crews who fly and maintain them now.

We’re no stranger to the mission ahead, and as in 2019, need to raise charitable support to aid our programming, operational needs, and outreach. We hope as a society member you will join us and also give philanthropically with the D-Day Squadron. Thank you in advance for your support,

Eric Zipkin D-Day Squadron Mission Chief Pilot | Director of Operations

To make your gift and a chance to win one of several great giveaways, please visit And we would welcome you to consider a monthly, ongoing gift pledge! Don't forget

, some employers will match your gift which could double, even triple, the impact of your support.

D-Day Squadron Airborne Mission - June 5 2019, Normandy France

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