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Official First Honorary Members of the DC-3 Society

Celebrating D-Day History, Honoring Living D-Day Veterans with Membership to the DC-3 Society

By Lyndse Costabile, D-Day Squadron, executive director

Photo Credit: Lyndse Costabile, D-Day Squadron

As we continue our D-Day 77th celebrations, premier our feature documentary film on July 29th at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, we also wish to honor living WWII D-Day veterans we've come to know deeply, love and respect. We've had the opportunity to send time with each veterans through our flyover missions, commemorations, drop them from our C-47s and even fly our C-47 aircraft! These veterans are walking history and have some of the most incredibly stories to share.

We officially welcome the following WWII D-Day veterans to our growing DC-3 Society:

Vincent Speranza, 101st AIB, 501st PIR, H Company

Thomas Rice, 101st AIB, 501st PIR, C Company

Daniel McBride, 101st AIB, 502nd PIR, F Company

Jim “Pee Wee” Martin, 101st AIB, 506th PIR, G Company

Lt. Col. David Hamilton, Army Air Corps

We cannot be more grateful for the contributions these brilliant, brave men made for us 77 years ago, and throughout their military service.

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