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Meet Rachel Lindvig, DC-3 Society Member, pilot

Our March member spotlight is Rachel from Detroit

From a small town in Ohio, I wanted to be an astronaut but fell in love with airplanes and flying. I became involved with Yankee Air Museum through working with Women in Aviation and hosting Girls in Aviation Day. Shortly after, I earned a spot on the crew given my willingness to help rewrite manuals. Currently, I fly C-47 “Hairless Joe” for the Yankee Air Museum. Inspiring the next generation of pilots, flying history and seeing lots of “thumbs up” when audiences realize a lady is flying is empowering.

I am excited to be part of DC-3 Society because of the opportunity to meet others around the world that love this beautiful bird as much as I do. I’m hoping to meet others to learn the best practices and techniques to make myself a better pilot and carry on the legacy of the airplane.

Check out the Yankee Air Museum and historic C-47 "Hairless Joe" here:

photos provided by Tater

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